Interview with Hr One

12th March 2020


Still on the Talents and Rebels movement, here’s an excerpt of the interview I had with HR One talking about how “Rebels Can Anticipate Disruption Of Your Business.”

How do “rebels” differ from traditional “talents”?

The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Point is, a rebel is a particular kind of talent who – in general, today – is not considered as a resource but rather as a problem which needs to be solved.

How useful are they in a company, and especially in the current tech and innovation world? In other words, what do they bring to the table?

They relate concepts, businesses and opportunities in a way very few people can. The way their brains work can be used as an asset to – typically – anticipate the disruption of your business in a way that will protect your company. Business world is full of failures related to companies unable to listen, embrace or even notice what some of these dissenters were saying.

What are the main challenges for HR managers when it comes to selecting the perfect talents and rebels?

Accept they exist, find them, and cluster them in a way that the rest of the company can relate to their work. There are ways to do that, starting with understanding these profiles assets and launch some internal campaign to be able to trigger a call to action for them to relate to. Before the “selecting” part there is the “accepting the company needs them” part which very often is the real challenge.

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