What Have You Done The Past 48 Hours?

– Revoke a payment done too fast, wrong account, including 1h with HSBC on the phone;
– Reviews accounting FTS for 2019/2020, including a massive review of some of the numbers that were not adding up;
– Webcast for a large cloud client;
– Secured two sponsors for Breaking Banks ;
– Make 4 African startup potential deal calls;
– Co-build a presentation for a potential LARGE partner looking for a “fintech tools box white labeled” (whatever that means, for us pretty clear);
– Figure out how to invoice the royalties for the book sales 2020;
– Found an amazing African startup I am REALLY inclined to add to the book, dealing with informally produced milk and how to better distribute it;
– Helped daughter with some Italian homework that made me conclude her teacher doesn’t know the difference between “impersonale” and “riflessivo”;
– Launched the new version of matteorizzi.com;
– Failed of installing and running Teams on my Mac, it keeps login in as Guest but not with my actual details.

Value your time 🙂


Played 4h of BeachVolley;
2 lunches at the beach;
75% of the calls with my feet on the sand.