There is this guy in a wheelchair, driving a customized Kia …
parking his car right in front of the beach volley courts where I play as often as possible, in Carcavelos.
He has an electric engine which he uses to move the chair, and a couple of weeks ago he asked me to help put the gears in the back of the car and simply helping him folding the chair. Not even put it in the car, he has this meticulous in a very optimized way to get back in the vehicle.
Yesterday I saw the car again, I was in a hurry after my game, he was done with how to stroll, and getting ready for the “wrapping up”. I knew he would have asked for help. I also knew plenty of people would have helped, and I was tempted to pass by. I remembered how not easy was to help him the first time, with a lot of new Portuguese words I didn’t know… then, I thought of being grateful for the opportunity I had to help, and the difference between offering help not asked and giving help upon request … so I turned and went back, he remembered me and smiled at me. It was so much faster to help him since I knew what he wanted and when I left we were both smiling at each other.

I could have passed by without a blink and it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Yet, whenever life gives you an opportunity to help, the less obvious the chance is, the more you should be mindful of the magic that will happen if you decide to engage.

Plenty of people would have done the same. No big deal.

Long story short: whenever you get a chance, be kind.