Sounds like a scam right? Like something anyone could self-teach on Youtube, or even too weird to learn in the first place, like learning how to drink or brush your teeth.

You know what it would sound like, if you had a the conversation I had yesterday with an amazing human half my age called Samy Mwamba, from RDC (If you have to google to know what that is, you really need to open up to part of the world that are clearly unknown, and that’s ok, is never too late)?

It would sound like OPPORTUNITY.

Samy was telling me that some of the lawyers coming out from the university, since they have no computer at their facility nor can afford one at home, they don’t know how to properly manage email. Sounded too weird to be truth, until someone build a business ( and starts uplifting thousands of lives with a concept call Okademy, “the Restaurant for the brain” translated directly from French (yes, in RDC you speak French, in case you wonder).

You can watch the course at home or go to Itot facilities (Samy made a super proud virtual tour of it for me) and take a seat and learn.
The story of the inception of Itot will be in my next book, but involves amazing students, an improvised crowdfunding exercise (a simple web page with Paypal) and what I call Hunger.

The right one.
The one I hope my kids will never be short of.
The one SJ talk about and adds “foolish” at the end of the sentence.
The one transforming seemingly hug obstacles in opportunities.

So, after ninety minutes of conversation, I wanted in. And Samy somehow said “we were looking for someone like you, because now we want to scale, open more cities, give more courses”.So I said yes. And I am starting today, but writing these lines. I don’t care if nothing is signed, if no slides are made, if no boundaries are established, I care about what matters. And this does.

SO stay tuned, because this is not the only amazing convo of this week.
Thanks @EloineBarry to make the connection with Samy, and for what seems to be the beginning of a great journey.

Stay Tuned