This might not be the longest post, but very relevant. I wanted this newsletter to be authentic, and by sharing thoughts, facts, reflections or habits engage in a dialogue with you guys, in a sometimes “exposed” way.

Well, there you go: this is the “online” time and the number of DAILY pick ups of my iPhone, on average, in the last week. I know only few humans in my inner circle whom I know did leave their phone aside for one or more days, often in an isolation/meditation exercise, but I am not one of them. And I don’t think using my phone app to meditate would be a good excuse, frankly.

Granted, I could say to myself, most of that usage is on WhatsApp which I use mainly for work, and I also use fare more the phone than the PC for work itself (I want to say almost exclusively), and you could argue that my TV time is nearly zero because often I watch Netflix on the phone as well, and all that.

But over NINE hours per day looks like an addiction. and made me think, of course.

I also am part of the generation with a “pre-mobile” habits, even thought I remember clearly in my first sales job to use the Nokia 2020 to sell computer parts and study Computer Science exams with the Uni as an office (fun times) but the modus operandi was completely different.

Should I worry? Can I pivot some of the habits and just free up more quality time? Actually, the pick ups are almost as frightening than the actual screen time. With 8 hours of sleep, and maybe 2 daily between eating, sports, showers, activities where I would not be with my phone in my hands, we are talking about picking up the phone every 7 minutes, more or less. And I am not even getting into the data angle of it, just the addiction part for now.

I would be really curious to share other’s experience and how does it make you feel guys. Me, for now, I am hesitating between self-compassion and let this go, because is just the way it is, or the urgency to do something about it. Probably “screen time” of this amplitude is something completely normal for an office/computer job, but it still makes me step back and reflect.

Emotional, physical, subconscious dependency, is hard to deal with, and this might be one.

Rebelliously yours