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Matteo Rizzi is a polyglot executive with 20+ years of experience in technology and financial services. He spent 13 years at SWIFT – where he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of the cooperative. There, he then launched the first global challenge for Fintech entrepreneurs. Since 2013, he has a FinTech Investor and/or Venture Partner role with global VCs and CVCs. In 2015, he co-founded FinTechStage, a platform for Investors, Innovators, and startups to boost FinTech innovation globally. In 2019, Matteo founded Timepledge.org a global initiative to foster financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. He is the executive producer of Breaking Banks Europe. He is also the author of The FinTech Revolution and Talents & Rebels.

I was fortunate enough to have witnessed a great amount of Innovation in Financial services, serving SWIFT since 2000 and founding Innotribe back in 2008. The Investor experience (8 years, both independent funds and Corporate Venture Capital, over 20 VC deals at various stages, both emerging and western markets, since 2013) is complemented by the entrepreneur journey with FinTechStage, rebranded recently into FTSGROUP playing as an innovation eco-system builder and connector since 2015.

I also love writing, my book #3 is in the making, after two published ones (“FinTech Revolution” in 2016 and “Talents & Rebels in 2019). I also love speaking, book me if you are interested, and go to my talks to check out my favourite topics.

Lastly, two more projects worth mentioning: Timepledge, free coaching platform for entrepreneurs and Breaking Banks Europe the podcast I am producing since 2019.

Now, if you want a more official bio, it’s here!

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