Talents & Rebels



Innovators are to company growth what misfits are to company survival.

Through the life and professional story of the author, helped by a number of conversations with renowned innovators and leaders across industries, the book findS predictable patterns to figure out ways to not only spot these lateral thinkers in your organisation, but also to deal with them and use their peculiar talent to help your business thrive.

The tension between incremental innovation and disruptive innovation, between the business as usual and what is coming next, is not something any company should be afraid of, and rebels are there to transform this tension in an opportunity, if you know how to deal with it.

Fintech Revolution



If a few years ago credit cards were not so widespread, they will soon no longer exist, replaced by payment systems based on apps and smartphones. This is just one of the effects of fintech, a neologism born from the crisis of financial and technology to indicate the technological transformation of a sector undergoing radical change.

Thanks to technology and its systems of disintermediated relationship, continuous review and immediacy, we have begun to trust each other again. Inclusion, relationship, data, trust are the new watchwords for fintech startups, whose success, in the deterioration of the relationship between bank and customer, coincides with the ability to put people back at the center, offering them comfortable, simple solutions and quick. And building value for people becomes the way to generate value for the startups themselves.

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