Matteo is not normal. He’s different. He’s challenging, a maverick, a rebel.”


CEO, The Finanser Ltd. and Author, Doing Digital & Digital Human

Matteo Rizzi

Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovator, Author.


Matteo Rizzi is an unconventional entrepreneur with two decades of experience in Financial Services, constantly referred amongst the top executives in the industry. He spent 13 years at SWIFT – where he co-founded Innotribe, the innovation arm of the cooperative, launching the first global startup challenge. Since 2013, he has had a FinTech Investor and/or Venture Partner role with global VCs and CVCs (20+ deals, 5 exits). In 2015, he co-founded FinTechStage (now – a platform for Investors and Innovators to boost FinTech innovation globally. In 2019, Matteo founded a global initiative to foster financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. The same year he launched Breaking Banks Europe (as the Executive Producer). In 2023, he was appointed Senior Advisor EMEA for Elevandi (MAS). He is the author of “The FinTech Revolution” and “Talents & Rebels” and is fluent in 5 languages.


Matteo is a most inspirational speaker, and one of the most knowledgeable folks I know in the fintech space.”

“Matteo was the keynote speaker at Mastercard Fintech Day 2021 event. Matteo is one of those people who have the ‘public-speaking charisma’. He delivered cutting-edge thought leadership, by fusing his experience in both the corporate and VC worlds. Matteo speaks the language of fintechs while carrying the gravitas that enables him to engage with senior executives in a seamless & effortless manner.”

“We hired Matteo as a keynote speaker and coach for our teams for the first-ever Euroclear IT hackathon.
Matteo delivered a thought-provoking tailor-made keynote, which he shared up-front with us, and made some modifications based on some internal key points we wanted to stress, in an insightful, thought-provoking, and funny way.”

“Matteo joined our very first CEE Fintech Day event at Mastercard as a guest speaker sharing insights from his long-term experience with Fintechs and giving useful tips on how to deal with challenges in the space. Very inspirational and highly effective – many thanks, Matteo!”

“Tive o privilégio de conhecer o Matteo Rizzi (MR) este ano (2021), mas já ouvia falar do trabalho dele pela FTS Group e pela Bambo Capital Partner há algum tempo. Fiquei super impressionado pela forma profunda e dominante com que o MR navega sobre os temas quer das FINTECH quer de Venture Capital.Como speaker, adicionando ao profundo domínio dos temas que aborda, Rizzi tem uma brilhante capacidade de transmitir o seu conhecimento, engajar e atrair a atenção da audiência. E fá-lo em 5 línguas. É um Expert Poliglota.”

“I was connected with Matteo 2 or 3 months before our Fintech event. He has been very fair to schedule his coming. He’s a great speaker who improves your skills and helps to increase your knowledge. Innovation, passion, skills are keywords for him. I warmly recommend him.”

“If you’re looking for a speaker that does his homework, customizes, engages and delivers for your audience – run, don’t walk to have Matteo speak at your event! He and his team are a pleasure to work with. They are so knowledgeable, unafraid to be provocative, and make it a fun and truly collaborative experience all around.”

“We worked with Matteo at a huge virtual conference for young people in Colombia and it was awesome, Matteo offered us a speech full of cutting-edge content that inspired the audience to conquer their dreams and build a better future for our country. Also, Matteo was very helpful during the process, so it made it very easy to work with him and the result was excellent! Thanks Matteo for your knowledge 🙂 “

“Having worked with Matteo Rizzi on various projects this year, I can 100% recommend him as a keynote speaker. His presentations are filled with highly useful actionable information, and there are few better qualified than Matteo to talk in depth about Fintech and related issues. If you are looking for some excellent insights look no further than the co-Founder of the, Entrepreneur, Investor and Author – Matteo Rizzi”

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