Glass-half-full principle

27th November 2020


I have always vouched for the glass-half-full principle.

I never managed to get Peter Hinssen to share his vision at FinTechStage, and this year he will join the FinTech Talks at Deloitte Virtual Green House, on December 1st. Peter is one of the first rockstars I met back at my SWIFT time, thanks to Peter Vanderauwera (@petervan) who brought him to @Innotribe.

Tough year for events and conferences, yet we are delivering amazing content through Breaking Banks EU (@breakingbankseu) and managed to pivot FinTechStage into FTSGroup, where content delivery is part of the story but most importantly we focus on startup work, building deal flows for VCs and CVCs, finding startup soul mates for Corporates, and advising startups for growth-stage capital raise. More on

Breaking Banks this year replaced the opening of the FTS Festival, with Brett (@brettking), Jim (@jimmarous), Lázaro (@lcampos_eu), and the brilliant moderation of Dara Tarkowski (@daratarkowski), the FinTech Lawyer. I joined as well this conversation reflecting on this very particular year. The day after, December 1st, after Peter’s keynote, we have the 2020 edition of the FinTech Talks. This year with Claire Calmejane (No intro required), Laurent Descout (the best-kept secret neoBank you will hear a lot about very soon), Paola Papanicolau (IntesaSanPaolo; on her shoulders the largest open banking projects of the bank), Ignazio Rocco (rising star of the Italian startup ecosystem), Marco Giorgino (Professor of the Politecnico di Milano), Roberto Nicastro (Italian Banker & FinTech investor who this year co-founded a challenger bank for SMEs) and of course the Deloitte and FTS Team to support the conversation.

It’s free, it’s LIVE, here’s the link, and for once no physical room limitations!

FTSFestival 2020 is adapting, so are we.

Stay tuned!