Anyone interested in what’s up for me in 2022, please read. Regardless, is a good way to do some housekeeping.

I just made it up. (The acronym).
Call it a side affect applying to some entrepreneurs, or a business condition that has to be channeled in the right way to make it an asset rather than a liability.


Last year, the fintech business has made as much money as my real estate business, which I built from scratch 4 years ago.
Not saying this because you should give a shit, but just to support my OCBD thesis. Also, failed to launch a Brazilian Rosted Chicken business Lisbon suburbs area and started a “managed apartments” new activity in Lisbon center ( this my favourite place in the portfolio, amazing property). And we have 5 apartments under management to start with.


Does that mean I am neglecting the advisory work or the FTSGroup.Eu business? Not at all.


@FrancescaAliverti got promoted Partner, and all of a sudden free up some of my time, which is now sharper, more focused on what s essential, and also more into the speaking engagements, which I really enjoy a lot.


Activity in Africa also ramped up, and soon you will hear me talking a lot about a (restricted) number of companies where I will take a more active role, as well as some equity.


2022 will hopefully see the Palop region pushed forward (Palop previous post) and I would love to find a mechanism to bring venture investment (seed stage especially) in this part of the world (not to mention Angola, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Guinea Bissau are amazing places to hang out, on top of my beloved Mozambique which I know well already)


“Learning from Africa: Tech for Good is changing the world”. I have the title and 8 chapters. A little less than half book written. Book#3 is going through phases … but I really care. Even if I have to publish it myself or crowdsource it.


And I want to write more. Not for whatever lame influencers list. Just because I realised every time I put my head into it, I love it. Would love to use all the languages, as – Portuguese speaking crowd is a good example – it get closer to the people, even if their English is spectacular. It enhances the type of bonds you can build.


I started this by trying to explain how easily (business) distracted I can get, but ended giving you a (partial) view of what I would like this year will be filled up with. I could talk about the new Tax advisory service for Digital Nomads we are building, or the Breaking Payments brand new podcast launching shortly with @thunes, @payoneer, @plaid and @ppro confirmed partners, and …


Sometimes it occurs to me I would like to retire for the next 10 years, then start working again. But then again, when you build shit you love with people you trust and value, call it “work” becomes a lie.


Thanks if you manage to read my rant until now.
Stay tuned